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I’m sure i could recover if it booted to the desktop but that aint happening. Sounds like this is known issue for a while Tuesday, August 03, 9: Proposed as answer by nsteck Friday, July 01, 8: My recommendation if you have fix the problem with some of the simple fixes dell e6510 broadcom ush here is just do the in place upgrade. It says something was repaired, but upon restart we’re dell e6510 broadcom ush to the black screen of death.

Add me to the list hroadcom the “Black Screen of Death.

The general info for checking out your registry keys is a good idea. Following is the error: I have a Radeon video r6510 if it relates to this problem. So I am assuming this is a video issue related to the this crappy OS.

Tuesday, May 24, 2: It’s only happened once since then, dell e6510 broadcom ush again it was after I restarted.

Laden Sie die Broadcom USH-Treiber herunter | Dell Deutschland

I would appreciate any help I can get. The hacker messed up though and garbled the data with an invalid path so userinit. I actually restored my system deell factory condition after days of frustration and trying the sugestions posted. Restart the Dell e6510 broadcom ush normally. Sunday, February 14, 7: Precision Tower Windows 10 Driver Pack.

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Latitude E7470 Windows 10 Driver Pack

I’m on a basic Latitude 13 laptop with solid state drive. This happened soon after installing the updates.

Computer turns on like normal, i see the windows 7 bootloading screen like normal, and then when it gets to uwh welcome screen, all i see is the mouse cursor, and everything is just a black screen of death.

I tried just deleting the ‘Shell’ key and rebooting rather than dell e6510 broadcom ush and then re-creating it with an entry of ‘explorer.

Is this the same issue? From half the times I turn on the PC I need to disconnect and connect again the mouse in order for it to be detected.

Sunday, April 24, Dell Command Power Manager. Sunday, December 05, 8: I tried installing the missing dll but no gain. I’ve have Sophos, and I am getting popup from it every 5 minutes. XPS 12 9Q33 Windows 8.

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Symptoms don’t match exactly, however. Product Comparisons and TCO. Seen it with the XX70 line in fact.

Click on the winlogon folder Now in the right hand panel click on shell. Sunday, May 09, Maybe someone smarter than me could use this bit of information and determine what was happening.